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20 Years of Industry Experience / Skater Owned and Operated!

Our decks are made from 7 layers of individually pressed maple from sustainable forestry in Canada and the Great Lakes in the USA. Each deck category undergoes 3 separate quality controls during production to prevent production errors. With a permanent stock of approximately 10,000 decks as well as a complete inventory of all related skateboard accessories and apparel, we can guarantee constant delivery, even for the largest orders. If we don't have the exact board you need we can either make custom shapes and molds for you or source the perfect deck from other approved factories 

  • Skateboard production in Mexico, USA and China

  • 3 deck categories to better serve your projects

  • Manufacturing and import of branded product (OEM)

  • Full production and distribution of apparel and accessories 

  • Worldwide distribution of partnership and 3rd party brands

  • Production and storage space in the USA and Mexico

  • Over 20 years of Industry experience

  • Consulting & marketing services tailored to your brand's needs

  • Annual production volume of over 100,000 skateboards

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11:11 Offers Fulfillment, Distribution, Sales Team Services
Email Marketing 
and More!

11:11 Distribution offers distribution, fulfillment, and branding solutions for your company with a focus on all areas of hardgoods, clothing and accessories. The headquarters of our company is located in El Cento CA near the DHL, Fed Ex, and UPS hubs for easy access to worldwide shipping. Directly across the border in Mexicali Mexico, we have another location that assists with skateboard manufacturing, production, and research & development. Lastly, we have direct partnerships with the top skateboard factories in China to manufacture products that we don't produce in North America, making 11:11 a true global OEM solution for the skateboard industry

  • B2B and B2C Services

  • Safe Storage

  • Worldwide Shipping

  • Ecommerce Solutions

  • Sales and Marketing Programs

  • Customer Support For your Brand

  • Handling of Customs Formalities

  • Fulfillment and Distribution

  • Fast processing

  • Over 25 years of Industry experience

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Frequently Asked Distribution Questions and Info

Fulfillment Center (FC)

A fulfillment center relies on a third party or 3PL or internally to handle the storage, packaging and shipping of the company's product to be sent directly to the consumer. Typically a FC is a warehouse that stores all of the products from a web site that are to be individually picked and packaged to be sent out to the consumer. For Example, A company such as skatebrandX.com will sometimes have hundred's of SKU's in their FC. Little Billy places an order for a new deck and some griptape. The workers will find those locations in the FC, box them and ship them to Jack. The order has been Fulfilled. Fulfillment Centers are key parts to a companies supply chain so the consumer receives their goods in the quickest and most efficient way possible. They also Fulfillment centers provide custom packaging services for business owners. They can package your orders with your logo and brand colors. Forget blank envelopes or boxes and add a personal card in packages in order to build customer relationships. 

Distribution Center (DC)

A Distribution Center is a facility that receives their products, stores the product and then the products are shipped based on their orders. A Distribution Center will ship goods directly to a retailer, or a wholesaler. Usually, the products are shipped in bulk or on pallets.

The main role of a DC is to store products in bulk and shipped in Bulk to a retailer, whereas the main role of an FC is to pick, pack and ship the products directly to the consumer. While both terms are interchangeable, the needs for these 2 different types of services are much different. 


B2B is short for “business to business.” It’s a business model in which the companies involved create products and services for other businesses and organizations. B2B companies can include software as a service (SaaS), marketing firms, and businesses that create and sell various supplies to your business. In the case of 11:11 Distribution it not only means we manufacture, source and brand your product but we sell and ship your product to skate shops worldwide


B2C is short for “business to consumer.” It's a business model in which the companies involved create products and services that are shipped directly to your customers through online sales. Fulfillment services augment a company’s ability to deliver ordered products to customers faster – sometimes on the same day. Mismanagement or delays on the part of order fulfillment can lead to bad reviews for your brand and result in additional costs in terms of refunds and returns so it's sometimes best to leave it to the pros. Taking fulfillment off the table lets you focus on growing your brand and have us focus on the rest.

With 11:11 Distribution you’ll gain access to a team of skilled professionals with years of experience – ultimately at a lower cost and without the hassle of shipping orders yourself

How Much Do Your Fulfillment and Distribution Services Cost?

We tailor each brand's costs according to their needs. Please hit us up to discuss your needs!



At 11:11 our philosophy is simple. We rely on the strength of our relationships both local and global, strive for quality in everything we do, and believe in craftsmanship above all else. From the original point of conception to the delivery of the finalized product, 11:11 Distribution can assist in all stages of development, marketing, sourcing, production and fulfillment. We strive to be known as the ultimate one stop solution for your brand with an unparalleled ability to be a true start to finish outlet for our clients.